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Fenotrex was the number #1 rated sleep aid because of its natural ingredients made to support relaxation, deep sleep, improved sleeping patterns, and all with a fast acting formula.

Out of all the other sleep aids available, Fenotrex outperformed the competition in all categories.

This sleep aid was highly rated due to its rave reviews and great results made possible by its wholesome formula. Read about what kind of benefits are possible by checking out more information on Fenotrex.


  • Has a good blend of high dosage ingredients, free of any cheap additives, made by a reputable company, and there are many positive reviews from consumers.


  • You can only purchase this direct from the creators online.

The Health Research Institute makes Fenotrex and they’ve also made it easy to understand what it can do by offering full ingredient information and details on how it’s meant to work.

Some of the key ingredients added to this include:

Melatonin: Naturally produced in the brain in order to help regulate the sleep and wake cycle. This is no longer produced in the body when there is a lack of light. It is supplemented often by users looking to help prevent jet lag or sleep disruption.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says that:

“may help with certain sleep disorders”

This is also used to treat insomnia and to help promote better and lasting sleep.

Web MD also states that in terms of safety:


This is when taken by most adults who do so as directed.

Valerian Root: A medicinal herb used to prevent sleep related issues such as insomnia. This can help promote sedative like effects to the nervous system and brain. It is also used to help relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and restlessness.

Passionflower: The natural chemicals in this plant have been used historically to help improve sleep and to ease the body into sedation.

Web MD states that it is:

“LIKELY SAFE for most people”

Passionflower can also help treat anxiety and soothe the mind.

Skullcap: Inflammation reducing plant which can also help treat anxiety and insomnia. Long used in North American, Europe, and China.

Chamomile Flower: Often brewed into a tea and even described as the “Water of Youth”, this herb is used to help promote restful sleep and to prevent stomach issues. The natural chemicals in this can also help reduce swelling, which can lead to sleep disturbances.

The FDA also considers this a GRAS or generally recognized as safe ingredient, meaning it is likely safe in the amounts commonly added to foods.

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Free of Stimulants or Harsh Additives

The entire formula contains ingredients which have been studied for their ability to help improve sleep. The great benefit of Fenotrex is that it can produce reliable results without the use of any ingredients which are known for their side effects, nor do they use cheap fillers.

Each ingredient is added in sufficiently high dosage strength and they also do not add any stimulants. Some sleep aid supplements can rely heavy on ingredients which make up for a lack of ingredient dosage strength, but in reading the supplements facts, it’s clear they add only natural and well-regarded ingredients.

The blend relies on ingredients which are known in 3rd party reviews to help contribute to benefits without imposing a harsh effect. There is no need for cycling and consumers can continue to take it daily as directed for positive effects. Much of these ingredients are commonly supplemented with individually, but when combined it can help maximize results.

Works with the Body

Each ingredient also satisfies many of the important needs required in order to help assist the body and mind. By being an easy to use blend, it can help improve sleep quality with ease. The melatonin for example works with the hormone produced in the brain to help keep it at a steady rate, as opposed to triggering any overly strong or weak reaction.

The vitamin B-6 and magnesium also help promote healthy nerve and overall energy levels. This can help stimulate the body once awoken, so customers can arise fresh out of bed with increased vigor.

The great benefit of these ingredients is that you can read 3rd party reviews from different sources to help determine what is possible. In reviewing this analysis, we were able to determine that each ingredient can promote energy levels or sleep in some way. When combined the entire formula can stimulate healthy sleep.

  • Effectiveness   10/10
  • Consumer reviews   10/10
  • Quality of ingredients   9.6/10
  • Cost   9.2/10
  • Money Back   10/10
  • Overall Rating   9.8/10

Great Testimonials

Consumers on the official website concluded that they were able to see significant improvements in their quality of sleep. Some even said they had better results with this natural supplement over prescriptions. Another customer said they have had significant issues with insomnia and that with this formula; they were able to sleep well into the night.

A lack of drowsiness and instant reinvigorated energy was also a major benefit experienced by consumers. This was the case for one student who had a busy schedule and was having difficulty relaxing. Outside reviews on other websites are also very positive, since it was often the case that sleep came easy without the fear of side effects.

Linked here is a closer inspection of Fenotrex so consumers can know about how each ingredient can promote sleep.


The creators have a great history and were able to satisfy all the markers we look for in a reliable company. There not only have been no recalls or issues with manufacturing, but they uphold a high standard by making all their ingredients in a US facility that is approved by the FDA.

Customers also rated them highly for their reliable customer service and openness about how they operate. The company has no auto-billing program which holds onto consumer’s sensitive credit card information. They offer discounts on their supplements on bulk purchases, and even single bottle purchases are also fairly priced for the dosage strength and kinds of ingredients used.

Their full contact details are provided on their official website and they are fully transparent on what they offer.

Click here to read testimonials and more details on Fenotrex.


It’s because of the reliable formula and great reviews that it was our number 1 rated supplement for healthy sleep.

This can help the body and mind relax to support easy rest and deep sleep while also providing the nutrients needed to stimulate energy and to prevent drowsiness.

Fenotrex’s ease of use and all-natural studied ingredients can help ensure that customers are able to sleep well.

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