Luna Natural Sleep Aid Review: Does it Really Work?

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Luna Natural Sleep Aid is a dietary supplement that is designed to lull the user to sleep quickly and allow them to sleep peacefully throughout the night. The product also states that it will help you to wake up refreshed and to develop sleep patterns that fit more naturally into your life and schedule.

Additionally, it states that it is an all-natural and non-addictive blend of herbs, nutrients and more that manages to provide the benefits of a sleep aid without the grogginess. Click here to become informed regarding what makes an effective sleep aid and which one may be right for you through this top 10 list.

Luna Natural Sleep Aid Review (Updated 2024)

The website for the product is actually quite thorough and impressive. They fully list all the ingredients that are used within the product, along with the specific dosages used for each, and provide answers to many commonly asked questions. At the very bottom of the page, they provide links to clinical studies that are supposed to back up the claims they make regarding the product’s effectiveness.

Through the manufacturer, a 60-capsule bottle is sold for $21.95 plus shipping and handling. Keep in mind that the product ships from Canada, so consumers ordering from outside the country may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges. According to the directions on the bottle, users are supposed to take 1 to 2 capsules with water, approximately 30 to 60 minutes prior to going to bed.

Here are some of the ingredients that are included in Luna Natural Sleep Aid:

Magnesium: A mineral that is vital for proper bone structure, and a lack of it can lead to issues such as osteoporosis, clogged arteries, and high blood pressure. Generally, people get magnesium from their diet but it is utilized in supplement form as well. It is required for the proper function of nerves, muscles, and growth and maintenance of the bones.

Lemon Balm Extract: An herb from the mint family, it is used to make medicine. It can be used for treating digestive issue, bloating, flatulence, and an upset stomach. Additionally, it has a calming effect, so it is included in many sleep aids for its ability to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress.

Valerian Extract: An herb that is mostly used for treating sleep disorder, particularly for those who suffer from insomnia. The supplement functions as a sedative for the brain as well as the nervous system, which reduces anxiety and stress, making it an effective treatment for those who cannot get to sleep because they can’t shut their brain off.

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  • Utilizes several quality ingredients, has an informative website, and is sold for a reasonable price.


  • Customers ordering outside of Canada may face additional shipping charges, and the dosage of melatonin is concerningly high.

Passion Flower Extract: A flower whose above ground parts are used to make medicine. It can treat several different symptoms and has many uses, but is mostly used to treat sleep problems. The chemicals within the plant are calming and can induce sleep while also relaxing muscles and preventing them from spasming.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that is often found in green tea. It is primarily used to treat those suffering from anxiety and high blood pressure, as well as preventing against Alzheimer’s disease, and helping to make cancer drugs more effective.

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  • Effectiveness 7.2/10
  • Consumer reviews 9.2/10
  • Quality of ingredients 7.4/10
  • Cost 9.2/10
  • Money Back 6.2/10
  • Overall Rating 7.8/10


The producers and manufacturers of Luna Natural Sleep Aid is health and wellness supplement company by the name of Nested Naturals. They are based out of British Colombia, Canada, and offer multiple clear methods of contact through their site, including a mailing address, phone number, live chat option, and page through which questions can be submitted electronically.

They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and currently do not appear to be involved in any lawsuits or litigation.

The product can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website, as well as some other online vendors such as Amazon. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any free trials or money back guarantees that are offered by the manufacturer.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved sleep supplements to make a right purchase decision!

Conclusion – Does Luna Natural Sleep Aid Work?

Luna Natural Sleep Aid features an impressive, informative website, along with a formula that includes some of the most trusted ingredients in sleep health. What concerns us is the dosages of some of the ingredients, particularly the 6mg of melatonin, which is among the highest we have come across. Melatonin is a quality sleep ingredient, but too much of it can cause so internal clock issues and actually lead to additional sleep problems.

Furthermore, there are thousands of reviews available for the product online, and while it seems it has certainly been effective for some, there are many others who felt it was ineffective and came with some negative side effects. We would recommend a sleep aid that performs more consistently.

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