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Seditol is a dietary supplement and sleep aid that is designed specifically for those who cannot sleep because of an overactive mind or who suffer from stress or anxiety related issues. The product claims that it is effective by helping to calm the nervous system of the body.

It features a simple, all-natural approach to creating quality sleep by using just two active ingredients, and is targeted towards a specific demographic. Review experts have evaluated all the top sleep aids on the market and compiled them into an easy to read top 10 list here.

Seditol Review (Updated 2024)

The manufacturer’s website is clean and professional looking, presenting information about the product directly, and because the products are not being sold through the site, there are not irritating ads or offers that distract from any real information. Unfortunately, there is just a limited amount of information that it made available. They offer a look at the supplement facts label, briefly what the product is intended to do, and pricing, but beyond that nothing else of note. Even the FAQ section is blank.

The product is sold either 30 or 60 capsule bottles, with the 30 costing $20.98 plus shipping and handling, and the 60 $39.98, so there is a small discount with the larger bottle, but nothing significant. They suggest taking 1 capsule a night, about an hour prior to going to bed, and state that it take 7 to 10 days to see significant results. The product formula contains the following ingredients:

Magnolia Officinalis Bark: Derived from the magnolia plant, the bark is often used to make medicine. It can have a variety of uses, including weight loss, constipation, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and asthma. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is one if the ingredients in a formula that is used to reduce anxiety and make sleep more achievable.

Ziziphus Spinosa Seed: The seed of the Zizyphus tree or shrub. It is generally used to prevent liver disease and ulcers, improve strength in muscles, weight gain, and can also work as a sedative. Additionally, it can address fatigue, digestive problems, fever, asthma, and inflammation. Aside from functioning as a sedative, it does not seem to have any direct connection to sleep or sleep health.

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  • Relatively informative website that offers clear contact information, and is available through several different online vendors so prices can be compared.


  • Utilizes ingredients that don’t have a substantial amount of clinical research backing up their effectiveness, only designed for a specific type of sleeplessness.

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  • Effectiveness 8.2/10
  • Consumer reviews 7.6/10
  • Quality of ingredients 8.0/10
  • Cost 8.8/10
  • Money Back 5.6/10
  • Overall Rating 7.6/10


The producers and manufacturers of Seditol are a health and wellness company by the name Source Naturals, and they provide several different methods of contact including mailing address, phone number, and a page through which consumer can send questions electronically.

They maintain a page with the Better Business Bureau but are not accredited. In 2015 they were sued by a woman in St. Louis for $5 million, as she claimed that the company misrepresented the amounts of vitamins and minerals in some of their product by as much as 90%.

As mentioned, the product is sold in bottles containing either 30 or 60 capsules not through the manufacturer’s site, but can be purchased through several online vendors such as iHerb and Lucky Vitamin. There are no free trials offered and money back guarantees can vary depending upon the vendor.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved sleep supplements to make a right purchase decision!

Conclusion – Does Seditol Work?

Seditol take a unique approach to creating a sleep aid by going the natural route, but not using any ingredients that are familiar to those who use sleep aids regularly. This is because Seditol states that it is only designed for a specific kind of chronic sleeplessness sufferer – the type who can’t seem to get their mind to shut off while trying to sleep or suffer from persistent stress or anxiety.

While there is a substantial amount of people who can’t sleep because they can’t get their brain to relax, this sleep aid ignores the thousands of chronic sleeplessness sufferers who can’t get to sleep because of physical issues, an out-of-whack internal clock, or a chemical imbalance. Even you are one of the consumers who can’t sleep because of an overactive brain, there are several other sleep aids that attack that angle of sleeplessness using ingredients that have a stronger, more well-researched reputation.

Judging by the largely negative consumer reviews posted to online vendor sites, it would seem consumers would simply be better off pursuing a sleep aid with a more substantial clinical background.

There are hundreds of sleep aids on the market, find the ones that actually work by viewing this expertly compiled top 10 list.

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