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Somnaprin is a dietary supplement and enhanced sleep aid that is designed to provide relief from sleep disorders such as insomnia, without the use of prescription drugs. The product states that is can help the user fall asleep quickly, sleep for longer, and wake up with more energy to use throughout the day.

Furthermore, the product claims that users will not experience any negative side effect or hangover type feelings in the morning. Find which sleep aids are worth your time and money by viewing this expert compiled list of the top 10 sleep aids on the market.

Somnaprin Review (Updated 2024)

The website for the product looks up to date and professional, and provides relevant information a consumer may need to know, such as price, ingredient list, and a description of the benefits they can expect. What the site lacks is much of any clinical data or explanation regarding the products that they have chosen for their formula and why.

Each bottle of the product contains 60 capsules, and advises the user to take one to two capsules approximately 30 minutes prior to going to bed. This means that each bottle can potentially last anywhere from one to two months.

The price of each bottle of Somnaprin is $49.95 plus shipping and handling. They do offer some bulk discounts but they are not substantial. $49.95 is a very high price to pay for a monthly sleep aid, though if the user is taking just one capsule a night and it is effective for them, then the price is more justified.

Here are some of the ingredients that are used in the product:

GABA: A chemical that is made in the brain and can also be taken as a supplement. It is generally used to relieve anxiety, improve mood, and treat ADHD. Additionally, it can also help to burn fat, lower blood pressure, and develop lean muscles. It can block neurotransmitters within the brain that allows the nerves within the body to relax.

5-HTP: Extracted from an African plant named Griffonia simplicifolia, it is used primarily for treating sleep disorders like insomnia, as well as anxiety, depression, obesity, ADHD, seizures, and migraines. The ingredient works by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain and nervous system, which can have a profound effect upon sleep, mood, and sexual behavior. Unfortunately, there are some potential side effects that are associated with taking the ingredient, including:

  • • Heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, and sexual problems

Melatonin: A hormone that occurs naturally within the body and can also be made in a laboratory. Its main function is to help regulate the body’s internal clock and establish sleep and wake cycles, particularly for those who have alternative or changing sleep schedules.

There are so many choices when it comes sleep aids, so allow us to simplify it for you by providing an expertly compiled sleep aid top 10 list.


  • Several quality ingredients are included within the formula, and they offer clear contact information through their website.


  • There is not much provided in the way of legitimate clinical information, the price of the product is quite high, plus some ingredients contain the potential for side effects.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that is often found in green tea. It is primarily used to treat those suffering from anxiety and high blood pressure, as well as preventing against Alzheimer’s disease, and helping to make cancer drugs more effective.

Mucuna Pruriens: Otherwise known as cowhage, which is a bean like plant. It has been used for centuries in order to treat anxiety, arthritis, infections, and even muscle pain. It contains high levels of L-Dopa which can benefit the effect dopamine on the brain.

Find out more about which ingredients are good for you and which to avoid by looking at this top 10 list of sleep aids.

  • Effectiveness 8.6/10
  • Consumer reviews 9.2/10
  • Quality of ingredients 8.8/10
  • Cost 8.2/10
  • Money Back 9.4/10
  • Overall Rating 8.8/10


The creators and manufacturers of Somnaprin go by the name Lazarus Labs, a supplement company based out of Georgia. Their website offers clear contact deals in the form of a phone number and email address, but without a physical address.

They maintain a page with the Better Business Bureau and are accredited, and they do not appear to be involved in any lawsuits or litigation.

As mentioned, each bottle costs $49.99, though there are bundle deals but they only appear to save the user a few dollars on each bottle they purchase. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

To become more informed about what makes a quality sleep aid, click here for a top 10 list.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved sleep supplements to make a right purchase decision!

Conclusion – Does Somnaprin Work?

Somnaprin dos feature several ingredients that have been clinically tested and shown to be effective in treating sleeplessness, such as melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine, and more. That said they also use 5-HTP, which can be effective in battling sleeplessness, but comes with the potential of mild to severe side effects.

Furthermore, the price of nearly $50 a bottle and the almost complete lack of consumer reaction that we can find anywhere on the internet makes purchasing it a risk. It does offer the 30-day money back guarantee, but those can come with exceptions and fine print that mitigates the refund. We would recommend finding a more affordable sleep aid with a stronger reputation.

Get informed about what sleep aids are effective and safe to use by following this link to the top sleep aids.

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